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What are the cleaning and cleaning of the bathroom mirrors?


In addition to the necessary toilet, basin, shower room and bathroom cabinet, the toilet needs to install many other appliances, such as a shelf, such as a towel rack, and a bathroom mirror, for example. In many cases, bathroom mirrors can be purchased with bathroom cabinets, but there are many owners who prefer to buy and match individually. So, how do you buy a bathroom mirror? In general, the size of the bathroom mirror is 500-600 mm, and the thickness is 8 mm. Besides, we should also pay attention to the material, quality, structure and so on.

Look at the appearance

Although the appearance of the product can not represent the quality of the product, it can reflect the quality. To buy Bathroom Mirrors, we should first observe the surface of the mirror carefully to see whether there are bubbles or stripes on the surface. High quality mirrors can first observe the fine appearance of the mirror, and do not see bubbles, impurities, black spots, black edges and so on in the mirror. There will be no peeling, pinholes, scratches, light transmittance, pockmarks or impurities in the back of the mirror.

Look at the details

Buy bathroom mirror, and observe its edges and corners. It is suggested that you can use the distant linear object as a reference. It can be observed from the front, the side, the reverse side and so on. In particular, when moving the line of sight, the linear object will not bend. In addition, we can see whether there is a sense of vanity in the mirror from the close distance, and whether the movement of the view will make mirror deformation and so on, so as to avoid the selection of inferior mirrors.

Bathroom mirror

Is there a side and no edge, which is good?

As far as mirror structure is concerned, it can be divided into two types: border and border. Under normal circumstances, most consumers will choose according to their own needs and preferences. We can compare the two: if it is easy to use and easy to maintain, the non - frame is naturally superior to the frame style. The main reason is that the bathroom space is often wet, and the wood or leather border materials are used for a long time. It is suggested that people who have framed mirrors should be selected for the selection of border materials. The quality of moisture-proof materials should be paid attention to and the coating of frames should be paid attention to.

Bathroom mirror cleaning tips:

1, do not touch the mirror with wet hands, nor wipe the mirror with damp cloth to avoid increasing the moisture.

2, the mirror can not touch salt, grease and acid substances, these substances are easy to corrode mirror surface.

3, the mirror should be wiped with soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent the mirror from being wiped.

4, use soft cloth or emery cloth, dip in some kerosene or wax to wipe.

5. Wipe the mirror and frame with the milk dishcloth to make it clear and bright.

6. Before bathing, you can apply soap to the mirror, wipe it with dry cloth, and form a layer of soap liquid film on the mirror to prevent the mirror from blurring.

7. Dip the dry cloth into the mirror and dip it evenly. The active ingredients contained in the detergent can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface and play a good anti fogging effect.

8, you can also use astringency of make-up water or detergent.

9, the use of oil absorbent paper to wipe, the effect is good.

At present, there are fog proof mirrors on the market, mainly coating mist foggles and electric antifogging glasses. The former prevents the fog layer by coating micropores; the latter increases the humidity of the mirror surface by electric heating and vaporize the fog quickly, thus forming no fog layer. The value of the mirror is very expensive.

Material, the mirror is divided into two categories: aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. When we choose the mirror, we try to choose the silver mirror. The mercury density is high, and it is easy to fit closely with the glass. It is not easy to enter into the water and can be used for a long time. At present, the waterproof mirrors are mostly silver mirrors on the market.






Contact :Fidela  Wong 

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Add :1 Door ,2nd Fl, 1 Buliding ,Xiangjiang industrial zone, Nanyuan road, Yuxiang ,Henglan town ,Zhongshan city ,Guangdong ,China 528478

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